Skins Compression

Skins Compression

Boost Protection and Performance

Skins compression or body compressions are the latest rage to hit the sports world, football included. This is not surprising considering the barrage of studies heralding the performance improvement and injury protection capabilities of these under armor compressions.
Football is a contact sport that can expose players to various injuries. The physicality of the sport also put players at risk of suffering muscle cramps and other similar problems. Eliminating these possibilities, or lessening them at the very least, is one of the aims of Skins compression. Use of compressions has been approved not only by doctors but also by sport organizations. Among the benefits of under armor is to regulate blood circulation in specific parts of the body, most notably the muscles used in performing the actions or movements needed by a sport, football for instance.

According to proponents of the use of Skins compression, these under armor equipment prevent lactic acid from building up. Lactic acid is said to be the main culprit in muscle soreness. When lactate or lactic acid levels rise up, the muscles feel a burning sensation that can be debilitating and as such can hinder movement. This can manifest as muscle spasm in football players. The worst thing is that these usually occur in the late parts of the game, when winning and losing is determined. With Skins, this scenario can be avoided. Hence, wearing under armor is now a trend among football players.

skins compression

Another benefit of Skins compression is its ability to reduce after-game muscle soreness. This is very important because any muscle problem can prevent players from training after games. Tests have shown that these under armor compressions can reduce soreness by up to 40 percent. Hence, with a compression, football players can report back fresh and ready for training or another game after a couple of days. Without under armor compression, a player may need at least three days to recover from the effects of the previous game.
Skins compression is also recommended for its ability to help improve player performance. This is attributed to the compression’s ability to help players dry quickly in hot climates, while also allowing athletes to stay warm in cold weather. The comfort that the compression gives allow players to concentrate solely on doing their assigned tasks in the pit, resulting in better overall performance compared to those who play without the protection of a compression.
Skins can cover the whole body or specific parts of the body. One’s choice would most likely depend on the sport that the person plays. Football players in particular would best use just this sportswear for the lower body, especially the thigh part.
Some skeptics may dismiss the effectiveness of these apparels. However, athletes who have used this sportswear can attest to the noticeable difference in their performance compared to when they are not using it. Clearly, using this sportswear is not only healthier and cheaper, it is also legal. Unlike performance-enhancing drugs, Skins compression is guaranteed to work without landing the player in trouble.

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